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This special interview was fabricated for this page, the answers however are entirely genuine and may be reprinted. Chris is happy to give email interviews, please use the contact form on the left.

AN: Are you still surprised when people tell you how much they liked The Sentient Advantage.

CP: Oh yes, every time I get an email I'm astonished. And pleased. I think I must be terribly shallow but it really does make one feel all warm and squidgy (Is that a real word, oh well it sounds good) to hear that someone enjoyed reading it.

AN: Who is your favorite character and why?

CP: It's hard to answer that without giving away spoilers. I do really like several of the characters, lets just say 'one' of the robots. Partly because he was so much fun to write dialogue for, and partly as I am fascinated with how computers may one day think for themselves so trying to describe his thought processes was interesting in itself.

AN: Is there any truth to the rumors of a movie?

CP: No, None at all. The movie rights are still available for the highest bidder. LOL!

AN: Do you have plans for another book?

CP: Yes it's called "A hundred and one conversations - a compendium of philosophical conundrums - with answers". The idea is to help people regain the art of conversation. I really love a good philosophical debate and I've found having the right topic to get a conversation going is essential.

AN: Can you give an example ?

CP: Yes sure, here's a sci-fi conundrum. If teleporters existed, but worked by first duplicating you, then blowing the original to pieces, would you use them ? The effect would be the same, you walk into a transporter and walk out at your destination, feeling just fine. But every time you do it, you commit suicide ? Does it matter how it works if you can't tell? And if you invented this thing would you tell people how it worked knowing they would refuse to use it if they knew?

AN: What are your hobbies?

CP: Juggling, Ceroc (dancing), squash, reading science fiction, watching science fiction, programming. I like computer games too but I get a bit addicted so I avoid them mostly.