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"Chris Pugmire has written a delicious bit of entertaining Sci Fi." Heather Froeschl -

"... I have read this book a number of times now and enjoyed it each time. It is fast paced and humorous..." J. S. Campbell

".. I loved it. Warning! after reading The Sentient Advantage you may find other books a bit slow and dull :-)" A.G. Grey

Century Rain
The Sentient Advantage is pure engaging, entertaining, and stimulating science fiction. In the tradition of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, Pugmire injects an intelligent comedic element into a futuristic science fiction theme that will appeal to both sci-fi enthusiasts and satire lovers alike. Pugmire’s deadpan delivery does not obscure the twinkle in his eye as his story unfolds. When Jaros wakes up and finds himself falling from space, he is alarmed to realize that he has no memory. Nothing. Yet it seems like he was expected. He takes up residence in Kayla’s haunted house that is run by a house comp that won't take orders. Together they must figure out what’s really going on, save the galaxy, and avoid being killed by large ugly aliens. Every step of their adventure is hilarious but still manages to be exciting drama. A must read.

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Here is a book by someone I met on the internet. After reading the first chapter online I ordered the book, and frankly it was just brilliant. If you want a good read get this book.

I believe there are many great authors out there who can't get published these days (I may or may not be great myself, I'll admit I can't be the judge of that, but I do know many books I buy from book shops are just not worth reading, and yet here I've stumbled across a book online that I loved reading).

Why won't publishers accept new science fiction authors? Take a moment next time you are in a book shop, find the science fiction section, and count how many books are actually science fictions (not fantasy) and were first published in the last 10 years by an author that wasn't already famous. Often I find the total in this category is zero.

Why is this, well think how you choose books yourself, you find an author you know and like and buy the next book they've written... It's a good method to find a good book, I do it myself all the time, but it means the new authors make no sales, so the publishers won't touch new authors :-)

Some people imagine if a book isn't published and in a book shop then it just isn't good enough. But the truth is that the decision to publish is based more on the 'fame' of the author than the quality of the book. We all know the story of how Harry Potter was rejected by every publisher it was initially sent to :-). Anyway, unknown good authors can only get famous if people take the time to add links like this. Take the time to look at this guys book and order it if you want to enjoy it fully.

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